At Sagar Plywoods, raw materials used are never compromised with. A-Grade raw material is used for all our products in order to produce the best quality product that can compete with any other product in the market. The final product has to undergo stringent testing in the laboratory. Samples are tested at random and if the sample doesn't comply with set industrial standards, the whole batch is marked A-2. Our products are manually composed by composers. The composers are under regular vigil of Quality Supervisor whose only job is to keep check on quality and give out the best.

Unlike others, it is not committed to customer satisfaction alone, rather a life-long bonding with the clients is held equally essential. Thus, the company lays a lot of emphasis on the time┬Čto-time revival of the unmatched quality of its eco-friendly products. In this regard, its R & D department plays a vital role.Its broad and effective network ensures the easy availability of Its goods in the places of its demand. Further, it also takes into account that its products are available at an affordable price.