We are very pleased to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for your encouragement and help that has made sagar plywood grow and become what it is.

To respond properly to the upcoming era of unlimited competition, Sagar Plywood is currently in the process expanding its business territory. The whole world will be our marketplace. We have already made our presence felt in almost a quarter of the world market.

We believe that the investment in high technology and all related products will determine the future of Sagar Plywood.
In addition to the corporate success, Sagar Plywood does its best for the protection of the environment and humanity.

Ashok Chopal & Ramesh Chopal

About Company

Sagar Wood Products presents 'Cosco', the Time Proof Ply! This plywood with superb strength enhances your living atmosphere. The company has deep roots in the segment as its team members and directors are highly experienced and technically sound in timber and plywood manufacturing line. The advantage of geographical location provides matured plantation timber that gives long term durability and straightness to the entire range of plywood. The company has a track record of complaint free supplies to mega projects in construction and to the exporters of furniture line.

The company is known for its technical advancement and modern applications. Because of its good quality, the company got fast Industrial Standards of India (I.S.I.) approval on most of its products. Being an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, every step is taken to maintain superb quality control methods for its production. Sagar Wood Products comply with I.S.I. mark on plywood, block board.

Board Of Directors

We firmly believe that Sagar Plywood's traditional pioneering spirit is what has brought us today's success and we will continue to adhere to our founding philosophy, which is to build an affluent society and a better life.

We truly appreciate from the bottom of our hearts that you have always stayed with us. We are always ready to work for you, with you, as a partner, towards prosperity for both you and us.